Expansion Expert / Ex-Founder
7 years experience

I'm focused on supporting Seed through Series-B startups soft-land in LatAm

Given my previous experience across regions for
top-tier companies such as Uber, Bird, and Kavak.

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Gabriel Tudela
CDMX, México

My Skills:

Top areas of expertise and tools used
to accomplish projects.

Primary Skillset:
Secondary Skillset:
B2B Sales Strategy

My Services

Soft-Landing in Mexico

Average Engagement Duration:
3 - 4 months
  • TAM/Competition analysis
  • Sensitivity model (Launch scenarios)
  • Launch tracker
  • Setting up legal entity (Along 3rd party)
  • Setting up accounts in USD and local currency (Along 3rd party)
  • Initial Hires: Executive and Blue-Collar (Along 3rd party)
  • Interim General Manager

B2B Ideal Customer
Profile Definition

Average Engagement Duration:
2 months
  • Understand winning products/services vs. resource-drainers
  • Definition of High-Value customers
  • Understanding who these customers are
  • Understand the traits that tie them together
  • Sales strategy to go at them in the future

Expected results: +10% in conversion to 1st meeting

Fractional COO

Average Engagement Duration:
3 - 12 months
  • Lifecycle comms
  • Incentives
  • Pricing
  • Value proposition
  • Engagement and Retention
  • NPS/CSAT Implementation


Average Engagement Duration:
1 - 2 months
  • Job description
  • Salary & SOP benchmarking
  • Leads pipeline

Diversified professional experience

Main companies where I gained experience

Find out more:
Global Director, Marketplace
  • Led our global GPS strategy. Scaling the implementation from 10% to +60% of our fleet.

  • Led our re-targeting product strategy, generating 5% (600$) savings per car trade-in.

  • KAVAK is an online platform that offers insight into buying and selling used cars last valued at 8.7$Bn.

2021 - 2021
Founder & CEO
Pay&Go Latam
  • Pay&Go allowed event managers to offer contactless payment and access solutions in their venues, enabling +15% incremental revenue and +20% cost savings per event.

  • Executed the country’s largest executive event and reach an overall client NPS score of 96% in our services.

  • Managed a remotely located 5-person team with Tech and Business backgrounds.

2016 - 2021
VP, Affiliates
  • Develop Lamudi/EMPGs external brokerage business unit in Mexico from its early stage.

  • Grew business to +2K external real estate agent accounts and +200 properties.

  • Managed growth strategy, product, comms, finance, and human resource functions.

2020 - 2021
Ops Manager Latam
  • Implemented 12+ high-impact experiments across the region that resulted in $10M incremental revenue.

  • Originally spearheaded the driver loyalty program and driver tips in the Latin American region while working cross-functionally with internal Product/Legal/Marketing/CRM teams.

  • Led Engagement and CRM for Peru. Reduced churn by 35%. Increased NPS by 60%.

  • Co-Led Marketplace Efficiency for Peru. Reduced cancellations by 40%. Increased supply hours by 30%.

2016 - 2019

About me

Personally, I love sports: Surfing, boxing, and yoga. You'll likely catch me in my free time learning new skills, reading, and salsa dancing. I've been building companies since I was 19 and have been actively involved in +10 projects. I'm currently building Landa Club the first community of senior independent advisors in LatAm, aimed at supporting startups across their growth cycle.

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Gabriel Tudela - CDMX - México

I'm open to:

Project Based
Open To Travel
Company Advisor
Remote Work
Expert Calls

Portfolio & Testimonials

Sales Strategy: Definition of Enterprise ICP
Sales Strategy: Definition of Enterprise ICP for Kurios (YC S21)
10 hrs/week
Carlos Lau
CEO, Founder

Gabriel was instrumental in the definition of our Enterprise ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) @Kurios. As an early YC and VC-backed company striving to expand across LatAm, I'm confident this will be a fundamental resource for our sales leaders to prioritize efforts and go for the accounts with a higher likelihood of closing. This is the second time I've worked with him, and can't wait for him to add more value over the months. Don't blink twice if you have the chance for him to help out. 

Portfolio & Testimonials

Helping DoorDash validate hypotheses for LatAm before going in
Client: DoorDash.com
Helped out with: Pricing, Competitive Dynamics, TAM, and Launch Strategy.
4 hrs/week
Gallen Carrol
Strategy Manager

As an expansion expert, Gabriel was key in helping our strategy team at Doordash validate hypotheses when deciding to enter the Latin American market, ultimately helping us take the leap in an informed manner. I’d highly recommend him for any engagement, plus working with him is a breeze! Thanks for everything.

Portfolio & Testimonials

Sales Strategy: Definition of Enterprise ICP
Client: Wally POS (NYSE: BAP)
Helped WallyPOS, a B2B SaaS solution, define who their ideal customer was, and how to better direct their sales team to find them.
10 hrs/week
Fernando Langschwager

I'd strongly recommend Gabriel's work. Before we started working together, we didn't have a clear understanding of who our high-value customers were and how to keep looking for similar profiles out in the market. Now I can safely say that my sales team is targeting customers for which the Wally POS solution makes the most sense and we're already reaping the benefits of the increase in conversion.

Portfolio & Testimonials

Interim Executive: Help Launch GoJom in Mexico as Interim GM
Client: GoJom (YC W22)
Main POC for GoJom's launch in Mexico City. Main objectives: Recruiting, Partnerships with Developers, Sales Strategy, Entity Setup, Accounting Setup, Legal Documentation.
20 hrs/week
Andrés González
Co-CEO Founder

As we planned our expansion strategy to Mexico, our most relevant launch across LatAm, we knew an expert on the ground would help us accelerate its success. I came across Gabriel’s profile and we agreed to work together for 4 months where he swiftly ran everything from the initial entity set-up, opening a bank account, first hires, initial partnerships, and local product adjustments. I can’t recommend working with him enough, especially when trying to soft-land into the Mexican market.

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