Accelerating Hyper-Growth: Lessons Learned in Early Stage Sales Teams

February 26, 2024

As an early employee at a Series C fintech startup, I witnessed the exhilarating journey of a small team transforming into a multi-billion-dollar powerhouse. However, I also made numerous mistakes and messed up big time. I faced challenges while navigating the complexities of scaling a business and driving revenue in the competitive B2B landscape. I believe in continuous learning and welcome knowledge-sharing from others. It's all about learning and growing.

While experiencing double-digit monthly growth and operating in 24+ countries, we encountered incredible challenges regarding the sales process, automation, optimization, and centralization. One vivid challenge we faced was to centralize OKRs, KPIs, funnel stages, and the entire CRM into one sales organization. Initially, we had one CRM in Mexico, but after a few months, we had 3 regions involved. It became a full in-house project where the Central Ops and Strategy Team helped align each region while ensuring our metrics were measured consistently.

💡 This challenge made us realize that central data visualization and sales process optimization are major issues in early-stage startups, and they persist in later-stage ones as well. Therefore, the consolidation, measurement, and visualization of sales organization metrics are key to implementing from day one in order to quickly identify areas for improvement and make immediate changes.

Another valuable learning experience, based on my personal experience, is the importance of hiring a hands-on Sales Leader. This might seem obvious, but when hypergrowth begins, it's easy to think about hiring high-level executives who have previously experienced this kind of growth. While these executives may have incredible vision, exceptional people management skills, and experience, they are often used to delegating tasks. However, quick and immediate execution is necessary to maintain sales momentum. Finding these highly qualified Sales Leaders is not easy; it's similar to finding a “unicorn” (or nowadays a “camel”)—a combination of direction, leadership, strategy, drive, speed, and hands-on execution.

Therefore, if you're in an early stage or Series A startup and you're considering hiring a Sales Leader but are uncertain about what they can bring to the table, a fractional Sales Director with previous experience scaling up and optimizing might be the solution! They offer the benefits of a full-time director without the time-consuming trial and error. They provide leadership, evaluate strategies, implement processes, identify leads, draw on previous experience, and manage sales teams.

With specialized skills and expertise, fractional Sales Directors deliver high-quality results that surpass what a generalist full-time director can achieve. For startups concerned about how to achieve hypergrowth, a fractional Sales Director is an ideal solution to accelerate the desired results. They also enhance sales processes by evaluating strategies, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing new processes. Their goal is to enhance sales optimization and drive revenue quickly.

In conclusion, fractional Sales Directors offer a flexible solution for startups that want to leverage past experiences. They evaluate strategies, drive team focus, identify opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction. With their strategic planning and hands-on quick execution approach, startups can meet sales targets while gaining access to knowledge and resources. Hiring a fractional Sales Director combines the advantages of a full-time experienced director without the burden of trial and error. Embrace the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and accelerate your growth!

Andrés Najera

I have worked on developing Go-To-Market strategies throughout LATAM. In the last four years, I have specialized in hyper-growth sales teams to help Series A to Series C startups increase their ARR for B2B startups. I scale up operational and marketing processes to increase LTV and referral strategies while reducing CAC. As an early employee at Jeeves, I have been able to understand the complexity of launching a credit startup in 24 countries simultaneously.