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Manuel Zariquiey
B2C Growth

“I joined Landa a few months ago and already had a +40x ROI on the program! They matched me with a fintech company and I'm already mentoring their growth team. If you're looking to hire part-time experts with experience on the ground, I recommend reaching out to Landa ASAP".

Oriana Fuentes

"I joined Landa because I have seen the power of community in building talent in the region. It's been exciting to learn from the experience and expertise of others, looking forward to seeing Landa grow and become a knowledge hub for technology and innovation in LatAm"

Sergei Bekeshkin

"Landa is truly a one-stop-shop to launch your consulting practice. It gave me all the necessary knowledge to figure out the nuances of the consulting space and a supportive community to keep going"

Jules Hill
Operational Strategy

"I got exactly what I was looking for when I joined Landa - a community of like-minded professionals, a network of people with all types of experience, and a place to learn and share knowledge. I'm excited to see how Landa continues to grow, and excited to grow with it!"

Andrés Felipe Camacho

“I joined Landa because I found a
community of professionals with a wide array of experiences, and members are willing to share their knowledge. I believe this kind of community is essential for the startup environment in LATAM.
I'm excited to see how Landa continues to grow and I'm excited to grow with it".

André Nunes
Software Development

"My greatest surprise with Landa was the diversity of profiles which creates great learning opportunities. I also appreciate how Landa is compiling knowledge from the participants to develop playbooks and step-by-step guides to help individual consultants grow."