Overcoming the Fear of Charging

June 16, 2024

The fear of charging for our work or services is more common than we think. Feeling remorse for the person to whom we offer our efforts reflects a kind of inner guilt. This sensation stems from beliefs many of us have grown up with, beliefs rooted in a collective unconscious of a "religious" nature where exchanging money for "something" is considered bad or sinful.

Generally, this changes when we are employees of a company. Receiving our monthly or biweekly salary is comfortable, although we may complain that it's not enough or that it's unfair to earn so little. However, it frees us from "guilt" because it's the "company" that "charges" the client, not us directly.

When we decide to become entrepreneurs, small business owners, or have our own business, we are the ones facing the client. Then, guilt overwhelms us. First, we feel that we are asking "too much" for our product or service, and then that the client has few resources to acquire it.

Why Do I Feel Guilty Charging?

Why do I feel guilty when someone asks the price of what I sell? Why do I want to give it away? Why do I feel that charging makes me a bad person? These feelings can have several factors, but they mostly hide fear of rejection, lack of integration of the paternal role, and a sense of unworthiness.

We have inherited a generational history of loyalty to poverty, lack, unworthiness, and complaint. If I don't value my work, the time it took to learn it, and the effort invested, no one will.

Transforming the Relationship with Money

To overcome this fear and change our relationship with money, it is essential to recognize and value our work and time. Here are some steps:

1. Recognize Your Worth

All the time and effort invested in your training and creation of services or products have value and deserve to be rewarded. Literally make a list of everything you've invested to know what you know.

2. Believe in Your Product

If you don't believe in what you offer, it will be difficult for others to do so. Have confidence in the quality and usefulness of your work. Be clear about what you want to offer.

3. Set a Fair Price

Research the market and set a price that reflects the real value of your work. Don't be afraid to charge what's fair.

4. Practice Assertiveness

Learn to communicate your prices with confidence. The way you present your fee influences how the client perceives your value.

5. Work on Your Deservedness

Reinforce the idea that you deserve to receive fair compensation. Work on your self-esteem and relationship with money.

6. Seek Support

Share experiences and strategies with other entrepreneurs and professionals who have gone through the same thing.

Charge proudly for your product, believe in your work, believe in yourself, and MONEY WILL MATCH YOUR VIBRATION. It is essential to work on the limiting beliefs you have about money, as this directly affects your sense of deservingness and your ability to receive. It is suggested to thoroughly review this topic with an expert psychotherapist. Overcoming the fear of charging will not only allow you to prosper economically but will also help you build a healthier and more positive relationship with money and your profession.

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Estefanía Aburto Salinas

Specialized in defining, designing, and implementing organizational culture in new companies. Specialty in providing individual and group executive coaching processes. Specialized in creating workplaces based on freedom and not on control. Implementation of OKR's.